The Beauty and The Freak Hunt!!!! IS NOW OVER!!

10th to the 24th March 2012…the theme? The Beauty and The Freak…so expect to be surprised with what you may get lol

The hunt is aimed for everyone so there should be a good chance to see clothes, accessories, furniture and anything else the awesome designers can come up with being kindly given away.

There will be no hint givers at the stores this time, it caused too much chaos when people forgot to put then out so there will ONLY be a list of hints on this blog for you to turn to (it will also make it ALOT easier for me to change, update and remove any).


Darkly Delicious Hunt!! IS NOW OVER!

WHAT IS YOUR DARK SIDE? Welcome to the second hunt I have arranged and this one should appeal to everyone.  Open for men and women the hunt offers a variety of items pertaining to the ‘darker’ side of SL. 

The stores involved will offer an item, hidden within their store which you will find with the hint they provide from the giver or the blog, you find it and BINGO!!! you get yourself an awesome free gift. Please note there is a bunch of different stores in this hunt so you will find all sorts of items for all sorts of genre in SL

An excellent opportunity to find new stores and add to your shopping location list :D.  VENDORS can get an application from any of the posters or IM Apolonia Anatine for one in world, applications need to be in by 15th OCtober.  NOTE the hunt goes in a big circle so really, position is moot (to avoid complaints if you appear to be further down the list!!)

Make sure you join the group to be kept ahead of progess.